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Clients’ First Destination
for Architecture

For the past years ADC has succeeded in becoming one of clients’ first destinations for fully integrated and sustainable Architectural design solutions by building trustworthy relationships with leading developers in the region through our continuous commitment in providing focused High-quality design services.

A Closer Look

Projects’ sizes

Working with communities of all sizes and using a range of disciplines, We deliver our services across different construction sectors ranging from the architectural design and engineering of individual buildings to the master planning and design of entire communities.

Sectors we Serve

We have designed projects that include Corporate Offices; Community Buildings, Commercial Malls, Sports Facilities; Residential Developments, Educational and Hospitality Buildings.

Dynamic Approach

We are dedicated to design excellence from concept to completion and we are constantly seeking to expand our knowledge and skills. We have worked tirelessly to improve our approach, refine our methods and deliver exceptional results for our clients.

BIM Implementation

In the light of the engineering industry’s migration from CAD to BIM, We have been very keen from the beginning to make this transition in order to keep up with the changing times, as a result we developed an independent BIM Unit to lead this transition. At ADC we stick to consistent BIM standards considering their big impact on productivity and overall BIM implementation sustainability.

BIM Implemented Projects

Time and Cost Saving

Our Services


architecture design is a concept that focuses on components or elements of a structure, that concentrates on the coverage and satisfaction….
Urban design refers to the conception of cities and spaces.This is the collaborative, multidisciplinary process that shapes the physical framework of life – the art of creating spaces.
The interior design significantly and innovatively redesigns an existing interior space, while respecting its historic value. Apart from the aesthetic design
Architectural visualisation is the process of creating numerical models of structures, buildings and spaces by means of complex modelling methods and powerful rendering computers.
Landscape architecture includes planning, designing, managing and maintaining built and natural environments.
Mechanics, Electricity and Plumbing (MEP) refers to the installation of services that provide comfortable space for building occupants
Residential architecture is the process of designing and constructing non-commercial residential properties and living areas.

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